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God called me to be an evangelist at the age of 7 through the preaching at Falls Baptist Church. The Lord used me to see many young people saved from my Junior year in high school and throughout my time in college. After my last year of college, I traveled with a youth evangelistic team where I ministered with a Hungarian girl named Ramona. After that summer as I was wanting to start a courtship with Ramona and begin seminary, everything came to a halt. I had been losing energy and feeling poorly for several months before I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. God used this in my life to teach me valuable lessons. I asked Ramona to marry me toward the end of my treatments. God has healed me, and I have been cancer free for 6 years as of April 2020! God has called my wife and I to go back to her country to see souls saved and to see churches started.



I was privileged to grow up in a ministry home in Hungary. My father is Pastor Gedeon Olah, who is a national Hungarian church planter. Being part of church planting during my childhood and teenage years I experienced serving the Lord in teaching children and in music ministry. It wasn't until the age of 22 however, that I surrendered to serve God with my life. The Lord miraculously worked it out for me to attend Baptist College of Ministry in the States to get training for serving the Lord. Towards the end of my college years I was praying about a husband who would be willing to serve in Hungary. The Lord seemed to have answered my prayers during my time with the youth evangelistic team as I was working alongside Jake Allen for an entire summer. I began to question what God was doing when I found out about Jake’s cancer. God used this difficult trial in my life to draw me close to the Lord in a special way. When Jake was cancer free a few months into treatments I knew that God was at work. After getting married we were seeking God’s direction for full time ministry. In 2018 we took a trip to Hungary to visit family. The Lord used our time there to confirm that we needed to spend our lives fulfilling the Great Commission in my home country of Hungary.




Mark Gedeon

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