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Two Months Completed - October 2020

Two months completed

We are praising the Lord for two months completed on full-time deputation! Since August we have been privileged to be presenting our ministry in a different church every Sunday. We have presented our ministry in 13 different churches and have been part of 3 Missions conferences. It is wonderful to be able to challenge churches about Missions! We have been blessed to meet so many great people, and we are encouraged how many have a heart for world-wide Missions. Praises: -Overall good health -Safety - We had a near miss with a deer in the dark at 55 mph. Another time our son Mark surprised me with his agility and dove out of his car seat all the way out of the car! We are thankful he was not seriously hurt. - Full schedule this Fall and next year's schedule filling up - Support level at 15% with several churches either promising to take us on at some point and others prayerfully considering Prayer requests: - Continued health and safety - We are praying to reach 25% support by the end of January - God to call more laborers into His harvest Thank you so much for your prayers and support! Please continue to hold us up before the throne. God bless, Jake & Ramona Allen

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