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February 2020

February 2020

Dear Praying Friends, We greatly appreciate you praying for our family and the work God has called us to. It is an adventure walking by faith and watching God provide. We have been overwhelmed by the goodness of God and the generosity of His people. Healthy baby We are sincerely grateful to God for the safe and healthy birth of our son, Mark Gedeon. Ramona and Mark are doing very well! Abigail is adjusting to sharing mom and dad and is happy to be a big sister. Support level We are very encouraged that God has allowed our support to reach 10% already! Several churches now have taken us on, as well some individuals, which has been a special blessing. We are praising the Lord for much of this spring and fall being scheduled already for deputation. Please pray with us for the summer months to be filled and for us to fill in some remaining open Sundays and midweek services throughout the whole year. Deputation Vehicle Thank you for praying with us about a reliable vehicle for deputation. We found a minivan that fits our growing family better than our Honda Civic! We are happy with the used van we found, and we trust it will serve us well during our deputation time. The Lord allowed us to sell our Civic as a direct answer to prayer. I had prayed about a specific amount I wanted for the car. Long story short, I broke the windshield of the car the first day I had a buyer interested. I had the windshield replaced and God led me to give a tip along with gospel tracts to the men who replaced my window. It did not occur to me until hours after I sold my car, but God allowed me to sell our car for the price I asked Him for, plus it covered the windshield cost and tip I gave to the exact dollar! That was a great encouragement to my faith! Gospel Opportunities Our church has taken up a challenge to read the gospel of John through at the beginning of this year and to invite people in our community to do the same. I have had several people agree to take the challenge to read John over the past month, who were open to us coming back to talk it over with them. Please pray for the follow up with them while we are in the area. Pray specifically for a man named Brian to sit down and talk through the book of John with us. I specifically asked God this past week to let me go through John chapter 3 with someone and that He would allow me to lead someone to Christ in that week. God answered both prayers at the same time as I was privileged to share John 3 with a 16-year-old girl named Dakota, who accepted Jesus as her Savior right on her front porch with a good amount of distractions that could have dissuaded her. Please pray that she will grow in her faith and get connected with our youth group. If there is one prayer God loves to answer, it is for souls to be saved! Please pray that God gives me more opportunities and that I will take them! Prayer requests · Continued wisdom with launching deputation full time (sometime between March and September) · Safety and health for travel and meetings · Remaining 2020 Calendar openings to fill · Salvation for Brian and growth for Dakota · More gospel opportunities Jake, Ramona, Abigail, and Mark Allen

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